Skater Resources

Derby Basics & Footage

  • - Watch footage from WFTDA Champs & sanctioned tournaments. (Listen to the commentary, especially if you're new; you'll learn quick!)
  • WFTDA Rules - Review the rules. Are you up on the latest rule changes?
  • WFTDA Insurance - Purchase WFTDA insurance. Required before your first game.
  • RD Junkies - Derby footage, explained & broken into digestible gifs.

Derby News & Chatter

  • The Apex - Solid source for the latest roller derby news and in-depth discussion of the sport.
  • Five on Five Magazine - Videos, live streams, and derby news.
  • Nox Talks - Videos, roundups and fun merch
  • Derby Twitter - Everything from snark to gear tips to Champs commentary.

Training Tools

Officials' Corner


  • HRD Skate Shop - Coming soon!
  • Derby Warehouse - Wide selection & lots of introductory info from one of our league sponsors. (Ask us about the league discount!)
  • Chicks in Bowls - Everything you ever wanted to know about ramps skating (plus hardware to spiff up your skates)