Hellgate Roller Derby (HRD) is a skater-run, non-profit organization designed exclusively for the purpose of promoting the sport of flat track roller derby in Missoula, Montana and the surrounding communities.


We have space to share!

Located in the heart of downtown we want to partner with people who are looking for multi use space.

Hours available Monday-Friday from 6:00 am to 4:30 pm

Contact Major at hello@hellgaterollerderby.org

Practice is Back On!

As of now, only existing members can attend practice. But keep an eye out for future Bootcamps! We can't wait to skate with you!


The members of HRD are athletes who train to the fullest of their individual abilities, respect their teammates and competitors, and love the sport of roller derby. Our goal is to promote strength and self-esteem and to encourage camaraderie and teamwork among all members.

We embrace members of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and skill levels. Our skaters work to increase their skills through discipline, hard work, and focus.

Hellgate Roller Derby is proud to carry on the tradition of roller derby and strives to create a physically demanding sport that inspires members of all ages to embrace their inner strength, self-confidence, and competitiveness while entertaining our fans. Hellgate Roller Derby members are also encouraged to donate their time and/or money to local communities and other nonprofits.

Roller Derby is Back! Help get us back on our skates and share with your friends!