League Membership

Join our amazing community of skaters! Make new friends, learn new skills, and get involved with your community!

All genders, body types and athletic abilities welcome!!!

Membership Benefits

  • Access to at least two on-skates practices each week with skaters on your level (Practices range from 1.5 - 2 hours)

  • Eligibility to test up through the skating levels and try out for team

  • Voting rights at league meetings

Test Up Through the Levels

  • Level 0 / Bootcampers: no skating experience, no contact, participate in Skating 101 Bootcamp and Fresh Meat Practice.

  • Level 1 Fresh Meat: Some skating experience, practicing basic skills, no contact, can participate in Fresh Meat Practice.

  • Level 2 Fresh Meat: Proficient with basics skills, light contact, can participate in Fresh Meat Practice.

  • Level 3 Team Skaters: Mastered basic skills, full contact, eligible to play in bouts, can participate in Team Practice, Bouts and Scrimmages, and Fresh Meat training.



  • Single practice drop-in fee: $8

  • Five-practice punch card: $35


One-time $25 join fee + Dues

Dues Payment Options:

  • Monthly dues payments: $45 per month (max $540/year)

  • Quarterly dues payments: $125 per quarter (max $500/year)

Options for direct payment each week or every two weeks are available as well. Contact us to learn more!

Skating 101 Boot Camp:

  • Course fee: $40

Includes 6 weeks of training and admission to the Basic Skills practices.

Availability varies, keep an eye out on our social media and website for boot camp announcements