What is Roller Derby?

The Players

Each team features 5 skaters on the track; 

1 jammer, 1 pivot and 3 blockers.


The Jammer is the only player who can score points.  They earn a point for every opposing skater they pass with their hips, except for the other jammer. 

They wear a star on their helmet.


The Pivots act as a blocker. The pivot can also take the star helmet cover (if offered by the jammer) and become the jammer. Pictured above is a pivot becoming a jammer.

They wear a stripe on their helmet. 


The Blockers work with the rest of the team in preventing the opposition scoring and helping their own team's jammer. 


Each game/bout lasts for an hour. Divided into two, 30 minute periods.

Each period consists of multiple jams. Which lasts a maximum of 2 minutes

Each team features 5 skaters; 3 blockers, 1 pivot and 1 jammer.

Skaters may make contact with and receive contact from the legal zones. The legal zones are; chest, front and sides of the torso, arms, hands, hips, and the front and sides of the legs above mid-thigh, avoiding the head, neck, back around the spine, legs knee and below. 

If skaters initiate contact with illegal zones of the opposing team and have game impact, they may receive a penalty.


The objective of each jam is to score as many points as possible. The Jammer can begin earning points after they've cleared the pack in their initial lap.

Points are scored each time the jammer (skater wearing the star) laps a member of the opposing team.

One whistle blow begins play. With each team lining up as indicated in the diagram below.

The first jammer to clear the pack becomes the lead jammer. They can end the jam at any point.

The members of each team attempt to prevent the opposing jammer from passing and help their own jammer score points.

WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby Association)